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Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection No 16 1L

Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection No 16 1L

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Brand: Remy Martin
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 1L
Tasting Notes: In 2013, Pierrette Trichet decided to celebrate the aromatic diversity of the various aging cellars at our Domaine de Merpins in Cognac. Each cellar has its own characteristics that imbue the eaux-de-vie with specific aromatic notes. Celebrating the aromatic diversity of our various aging cellars, Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection Cellar No.16 is a powerful cognac with intense vanilla notes. A Duty Free exclusive, Cellar No.16 contains new casks, which together with the warmer air in the upper parts of the cellar give rise to intense vanilla notes, both fresh and melting. Combined with the fruity aromas of warm apple pie, the cognac has seductive vanilla and fruit flavors with a round, long, and pastry-like finish. The cognac is called Prime Cellar Selection because Cellar No.16 contains new casks that are the prime location for aging
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