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Ritter Sport Choco Cube Pouch

Ritter Sport Choco Cube Pouch

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Brand: Ritter Sport
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Tasting Notes: There is something to suit every taste with the RITTER SPORT Choco Cubes. The five varieties Choco Crisp, Caramel, Whole Nut in Nougat Cream, Fine Nougat and Strawberry Yoghurt have everything needed to put a smile on any face: really tasty chocolate and delicious fillings. Whats more, they are the perfect size for every mouth, young or old, whether you prefer to bite into them quickly or savour them slowly. The RITTER SPORT Choco Cube bag contains a mix of 50 Choco Cubes and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. If only they werent always polished off so quickly
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Confectionery Food

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