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Beringer Quantum 2015 0.75L

Beringer Quantum 2015 0.75L

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Brand: Beringer
Region: Napa Valley
Grape Varietal: Bordeaux Blend
Vintage: 2015
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 0.75L
Tasting Notes: Quantum is the smallest unit of energy achievable in science. Each tiny particle – each singular quantum – holds unique potential to contribute to a larger being.

When these units combine, each quantum contributes its specific essence, resulting in a system of great expression and complexity.  Similarly, in wine, Beringer recognizes that each grape varietal offers unique flavour and structure and that each vineyard and block of vines contributes yet another expression of those varietals.

In other words, each of these components acts as a quantum. When these varietals, or quantacombine, they produce something of far greater value. Something that bundles a source of life; something marked by layered complexity. Beringer farms a unique and irreplaceable collection of remarkable vineyard sites.

With the Quantum blend, the wine highlights the individual properties of each varietal to create a wine with balance, structure and flavour.
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