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Bacardi Carta Negra 1L

Bacardi Carta Negra 1L

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Brand: Bacardi Rum
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 1L
Tasting Notes: Following the style established by Don Facundo in 1862, Bacardi Carta Negra is on the light side of traditional dark rums; however it retains a perfect balance despite its robust flavours. It is mellowed in heavily charred barrels which delivers a strong presence of vanilla, caramel, liquorice and molasses, giving it real body and making it ideal for mixing with sweet juices, cola or simply served on the rocks, to be sipped, savoured and enjoyed. Taste: Bacardi Carta Negra Rum is a medium bodied dark rum, packed with smoky wood flavours, sweet molasses, tropical fruits and a buttery finish. On the light side of traditional dark rums, retaining the perfect balance despite its robust flavours.
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