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Chabot Armagnac Vintage 1980 0.7L

Chabot Armagnac Vintage 1980 0.7L

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Brand: Chabot
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement: 1980
Bottle Size: 0.70L
Tasting Notes: The Chabot Vintage range is a rare and exquisite collection of Armagnac. Aged in dusky Gascon black oak casks, vintages are hand chosen and personally signed by our Cellar Master. Specific only to Armagnac, each vintage parchment label indicates the exact year of harvest and every clear glass bottle is individually sealed with golden wax. With vintages dating back to 1888, only a select few connoisseurs can boast ownership. As such, these limited vintages are highly respected and sought after by pre-eminent restaurateurs and discerning collectors.
Product Information:
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