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Hendrick's Jigger Gift Set 0.7L

Hendrick's Jigger Gift Set 0.7L

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Brand: Hendrick's
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 0.7L
Tasting Notes: This gift pack includes a bottle of Hendrick's Gin, plus a very fancy little jigger, so you can measure out your drinks! Don't worry, they've allowed for a generous pour – rounding up a double measure to 60ml, instead of the standard 50ml, ideal for the perfect G&T serve! HENDRICK'S is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvellous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an unimpeachably smooth and distinct gin. Tasting Note: NOSE: Huge, intense nose with an initial burst of crisp zesty botanicals. Harmoniously balanced juniper and coriander and a deep, suprisingly floral aroma of violets and rose TASTE: Smooth and superbly balanced botanicals. Round and creamy without being in any way astringent. The complexity of the nose comes through in the taste - citrus and juniper notes Finish: Pleasureable lingering finish of cool, refreshing cucumber and rose
Product Information:
Flavour Profile:
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