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Monkey 47 Dry Gin 0.5L

Monkey 47 Dry Gin 0.5L

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Brand: Monkey 47
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 0.5L
Tasting Notes: An incredible blend of 47 different botanicals, with a third of these coming from deep within Germanies Black Forest, creating a very Wunderbar Gin. Lingonberries, spruce tips, sloes and elderflower blossoms to name a few. All macerated with pure molasses alcohol and the Black Forests renowned soft water lead to MONKEY 47 having unrivalled complexity and quality, which is fully brought to bear through masterly distillation and maturing in traditional earthenware containers. Nose The distinct scent of juniper, tangy and crisp citrus notes, a sweet, flowery aroma, with a hint of peppery spices. Palate Classic London Dry characters with a complex mix of Black Forest botanicals. Crisp and fresh in the mouth, with some tangy and slight spicy notes which add extra freshness to the traditional characters. Finish Complex, good balance of all components and racy, fresh finish.
Product Information:
Flavour Profile:
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