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Yuten Junmai Ginjo 0.72L

Yuten Junmai Ginjo 0.72L

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Brand: Yuten
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 0.72L
Tasting Notes: Junmai Ginjo "YUTEN" is a smooth and dry premium sake which is produced to be the most delicious Japanese sake ever. It is finished with a perfect flavor by polishing rice as the same level of daiginjo, by using refreshing sake yeast, and by a special technique to keep it fresh. By using aromatic fungus and 100 % high-quality rice which is produced in Niigata prefecture, it brings out the aroma and flavor to be spread out in your mouth. This is one of the delicious and high-quality products of DHC Sake Brewery, which has four pillars in their sake-brewing: Rice, technique, facility, and freshness. This is a great treat for you and also makes a perfect gift.
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