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Don Rodolfo Moscato (Chile)

Don Rodolfo Moscato (Chile)

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Brand: Don Rodolfo
Region: Central Valley
Grape Varietal: Moscato
Vintage: 2020
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 0.75L
Tasting Notes: This handcrafted Moscato reveals luscious peach and honeysuckle with a dash of sweetness. Itata Valley is Chile’s oldest wine region located in the southern end of Chile’s thin wine producing zone. The soils are dominated by granite much like the soils of Beujolais with high PH but porous enough to allow for deep root stocks. Itata is relatively exposed to weather patterns moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes resulting in higher rainfall and cloud cover while still enjoying a healthy amount of sunlight – Itata means “the place where the sun is” in the local Mapuche language. Itata is ideal for slow ripening for completely balanced wine with both lively acidity and fresh fruit. With natural irrigation from the pure water source of the snow melt of the Andes Mountains, the vines produce premium white wines with powerful aromatics, crisp body and true varietal character.
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