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Hennessy James Hennessy Chinese New Year Gift Pack 1L

Hennessy James Hennessy Chinese New Year Gift Pack 1L

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Brand: Hennessy
Grape Varietal:
Age Statement:
Bottle Size: 1L
Tasting Notes: A travellers' exclusive to pay tribute to one of the historic Hennessy's figureheads, James Hennessy, son of the founder. Based on a strong brand legitimacy, with an universal echo: the spirit of a pioneering and visionary entrepreneur. Combining legacy and modernity, with a carafe crafted by one of the most influential designer Marc Newson who worked across a wide range of disciplines among the most prestigious luxury brands. A silky yet structured cognac for the eye-openers, an invitation for an inner journey to meet the unexplored. Taste: The nose follows through to a palate of elegance and restraint, enhanced by fresher flavours reminiscent of apricot, then pistachio and blood peach. This aromatic subtlety is echoed by the purity and textured precision found in James Hennessy. This cognac, silky yet well structured, evokes both the suppleness of a finely woven fabric and the airy lightness of a génoise sponge: a universe where natural character and perfection become entwined. James Hennessy expands across the palate, revealing endless layers of warm fruit flavours.
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